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The ‘Fairy Godmothers’

About Wish Upon A Fairy

Our aim is to be the fairy godmothers for those amazing doctors, nurses and parents on the Colchester Neonatal Unit and help ‘grant’ any wishes they may have to improve the ward or support staff training to ensure they can be the best they can be!

We are a group of parents who are looking to support the Colchester Neonatal Unit as we all have close ties having either had our babies admitted on to the unit for differing reasons and lengths of stays or have been supported by the neonatal staff whilst staying on Lexden ward post birth.

Between us all we have a wealth of knowledge and experience of premature births, full term birth following loss, long term oxygen, hernias, NG feeding, PEG feeding, heart issues, the list continues.

We’d love to provide a support network to parents who have been in the unit should they need us whilst also raising funds to provide vital items for the unit which the NHS budget may not be able to cover.

Due to the current pandemic we are sadly unable to arrange public events but we do plan to arrange quizzes, markets etc in the future. In the meantime, we do hold our own raffle license so are keen to get started raising funds by providing weekly/monthly online raffles with amazing prizes for you all to win!

We hope you all enjoy the page and can support us where you are able.

Lots of love,

The ‘fairy godmothers’
aka Faye, Emma, Stacie, Ashleigh, Sammi and Grace x

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